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Legal and regulatory reforms of forest resources conservation in Edo South, Edo State, Nigeria

Eseigbe Joseph Omon1* and Oni Mildred Ilobekemen2


This paper examined the legal and regulatory reforms of forest resources conservation in Edo South, Edo State, Nigeria. This is because most of the forest reserves have been seriously encroached in the area without strong recourse to the environmental consequences. The objectives for which this study was carried out are: To identify and assess forest resources in the study area, examine the relationship between law and forest resources in Edo South, Edo State laws on the use of forest resources and then determine deforestation and its environmental impacts. Data were therefore collected from both the primary and secondary sources of data collection to meet these objectives of study. The result shows that the laws enacted through legislation to protect forest resources are there but a number of factors like coordination problem, lack of comprehensive policies on environmental laws and issues, inadequate legal framework and lack of implementation of the forest Act of 1999 are some of the major reasons why people still encroach our forest lands. Recommendations are made on the need to update forest laws and the implementation carried out by relevant agencies of government to make sure that those who go against the laws are made to account for their actions. There is the need for forest monitoring teams to apprehend tree loggers for appropriate sanctions. The communities need to also be involved in the control and management of forest resources depletion. There is need for sustained management of forests, intensified reforestation and forest concession owners should be involved in forest regeneration. There should be equivalent replacement for every tree removed from the forest. Emphasis needs to be put in finding alternative sources of energy and sustainable farming practices adhered to.

Key words: Identify, Forest resources, Environmental consequences.

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