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Impact of innovative approaches of agricultural extension services on rural women for profitable crop production in Benue State, Nigeria

1Ekele, Garba Emmanuel, 2Awai, Dooshima Winifred and Amonjenu, Anthony*3


The study investigated the impact of innovative approaches of Agricultural extension services on rural women for profitable crop production in Benue State, Nigeria. Three research questions and two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The study adopted survey research design. The study was carried out in Benue State, Nigeria. The population of the study was 503 made up of 77 extension agents and 426 registered women farmers. The sample for the study was 360 selected using multi-stage sampling techniques (Stratified random sampling was used to select a  sample of 283 rural farmers from the three strata ( Zone A, B and C agricultural zones of Benue state)  while the whole 77 extension agents in the state were purposively selected and  used for the study). Checklist and A 17- items structured questionnaire titled ‘Agricultural extension service innovative approach questionnaire’ (AESIAQ) was developed from literature and used for data collection. The instrument was face and content validated by three experts. Cronbach alpha method was used to establish the internal consistency of the items which yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.99. Percentage and mean were used to answer the research questions and chi-square statistics to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. Findings from the study revealed that BNARDA has a total of only 280 staffs made up of 209 (74.6 %) males and 71 (25.4%) females who uses the training and visit (T&V) approach for information dissemination, Agricultural extension services of BNARDA have four influences on rural women’s crop production practices in Benue state, there are six challenges encountered by rural women in utilizing BNARDA agricultural extension services for crop production in Benue state, BNARDA agricultural extension service has significant impact on crop production practices of rural women and the  challenges encountered by rural women in Benue State in utilizing agricultural extension services significantly influence their crop production practices. It was recommended amongst others that Research institutes in agriculture should use other methods of information dissemination to rural farmers’ aside T &V approach which has shortcomings.

Key words: Innovative approach, extension services, rural women, crop production.

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