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Awareness and adoption of improved fish processing technologies among fish processors in Lagos State, Nigeria

Odediran O. F.1 andOjebiyi W. G.2


This study assessed the awareness and adoption of improved fish processing technologies among fish processors in Lagos State, Nigeria by randomly sampling 112 fish processors from four purposively selected fishing communities. Copies of interview guide were administered on the fish processors for data collection. Data were subjected to inferential statistics such as frequency count, percentage and mean. The results revealed that the fish processors were predominantly females (64.3%), married (79.5%),with mean household size, age and fish processing experience of 6 persons, 41.52 years and 21.48 years respectively. Close to one-half (48.2%) of the fish processors had no formal education while 35.7% only had primary education. More than three-quarters of the fish processors made use of smoking methods either with pepper (28.6%) or salting (48.2%).Drum oven (59.8%) was the most commonly used processing equipment followed by mud oven (25.0%). About 90.18% of the fish processors were aware of the fish processing technologies with highest level of awareness observed with Charcoal fish smoking kiln (68.8%) followed by solar dryer (50.9%) and kerosene dryer (41.1%). Significant proportions of the fish processors were aware of improved processing technologies through LASADA (36.6%) and FIIRO/media (31.25%). Adoption of improved fish processing technologies was generally low as 27.7 and 22.3% adopted charcoal fish smoking kiln and solar dryer respectively. Lack of access to improved technologies (58.0%) and the high cost associated with the acquisition of the technologies (53.6%) were the most important reasons for the non-adoption of improved fish processing technologies.The study concluded that the low level of adoption is a function of the effectiveness of extension services and characteristics of the technologies. It is therefore recommended that the improved fish processing technologies should be made readily available and accessible by all fish processors.

Key words: Improved technologies, adoption level, traditional processing methods, smoking kilns, fish spoilage.

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