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Influence of Demographic Factors and Constraints on Farmersí Participation in Agroforestry Practices in Taraba State, Nigeria

Karshie, E. A.,1*   Dagba, B. I.2, Shomkegh, S. A.2, and Amonum, J. I.3


The study examined the influence of demographic factors and constraints on farmersí participation in Agroforestry practices in Taraba State, Nigeria. A sample of 420 respondents drawn from 7 Local Government Areas (LGA) out of 16 LGA in all the agro-ecological zones in Taraba State was selected using multi-stage sampling techniques. The selected respondents were administered questionnaire and information related demographic factors, constraints and participation level in agroforestry practices were sought. Two research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study. Descriptive statistic of frequency count and percentage were used to explain the data while inferential statistics of chi-square and Pearson product moment correlation were the analytical tools used to test the null hypotheses. The study revealed that there is no significant relationship between demographic factors and farmersí level of participation in agroforestry practices. However, there is a significant relationship between constraints and farmersí level of participation in agroforestry practices. It was recommended among others that, Government should help farmers through provision of soft loans, subsidy, incentives and other technical assistance in order to actively participate in agroforestry practices. Farmers should be educated to have their own tree nurseries such that the seedlings can be accessed easily by them.

Key words: Agroforestry, demographic factors, constraints, farmers, participation.

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