• Haile Adamu Wale1*and Tatek Dejenie2
    Dryland Ecosystems: Their Features, Constraints, Potentials and Managements
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  • Hakim Ali Sahito1*, Sarfaraz Nawaz Sanjrani2, Muhammad Asif Arain3, Nisar Ahmed
    Ujjan3 and Hidayatullah Soomro2
    Biological control of animal ticks by poultry birds through IPM techniques
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  • Marliati Ahmad1,* and Handoko Subawi2
    New Van Krevelen diagram and its correlation with the heating value of biomass
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  • R. A. Obande, Omeji, S.* and Obilikwu, H.
    Acute toxicity of n-phosphonomethyl glycine (Delsate)(R) on the african catfish
    Clarias gariepinus fingerlings (Burchell 1822)

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  • Guillermo S. Rillon, Jr. and Gloria Y. Ponciano
    Design, fabrication of a bioferemtning machine on a village level
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  • Hassan, K. Y. 1, Kutama*, A.S2., Halima, B. 3, and Maryam, T. A, Indabawa, I.I.
    and Sani, I. 3
    Studies on the bi-diversity of phytoplanktons and zooplanktons of Kanye Dam in
    Kano State

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  • Iwala Oladapo Sam
    The measurement of productive and technical efficiency of cassava farmers in
    the North central zone of Nigeria

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