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The performance of true seed shallot lines under two methods of planting at different environments of Ethiopia

Shimeles Aklilu1* and Lemma Dessalenge2


Six true seed shallot lines were compared under bulb to bulb and transplant to bulb planting methods at lowland areas of Melkassa and highland areas of Arsinegele for two year. Randomized complete block design with split-plot arrangement at four replications was used in each location for bulb yield potential and important quality parameters. Planting methods were arranged at Main plots and shallot lines at subplots. The analysis of variance showed significant difference among the shallot lines and planting methods in bulb yield under transplant to bulb production practices at p<0.05 at both location. The combined analysis of planting methods over locations was also significant at p<0.05. Shallots grown from transplants to bulb produced overall mean total yield of 14.4 t.ha-1 with the overall range of 12-15 t.ha-1. From shallot lines Roxa and Tropix gave consistently significantly highest total yield. The quality of bulb is also high TSS% (11-14) and mean number of split of more than 3.5 per plant was obtained with attractive color using this method of planting. However, the overall mean yield of bulb to bulb planting method was 12-17t.ha-1 with over all mean of 15.2t.ha-1 and except Roxa all shallot lines produced high yield and this was significantly different. Atlas and Vethalam gave consistently high yield under bulb to bulb methods at both locations. Shallot crops grown from transplants producing better yield of 18.2-22.5t.ha-1 with good quality TSS% (13-17) and good number of split of not more than 4 per plant under sandy loam soils of Melkassa than bulb to bulb method at Arsi negele with yield potential of 9-17.1 t/ha-1 with combined over all mean of 15.3t.ha-1. Therefore, as there was no significant yield advantage between the two methods farmers can grow shallot from true seed in the low land areas around Melkassa.

Key words: Shallot, environment, genotypes, true seed, yield Rate, Decomposition Analysis.

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