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GIS Based Land Suitability Evaluation for Main Irrigated Vegetables in Semaz Dam, Northern Ethiopia

Abraham M.*, Daniel H., Abeba N., Tigabu D., Temesgen G., and Hagos G.


In developing supplementary irrigation, potential and suitability of the land area is important for better utilization of land resources. Therefore, the objective of this study was evaluating the current and potential suitability of the study area for irrigation purposes. The area was classified into six land mapping units and samples were taken from the representative sites of these land mapping units. The parametric evaluation system and Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) interpolation provided in Arc GIS 10.1 software were used to perform the land suitability classification The result of the study depicted that the study area was moderately suitable for any irrigated vegetable purposes. Soil texture was the only limiting factor and the cause for the area to be moderately suitable (S2). Therefore, irrigation can be applied under proper management to meet the maximum production.

Key words: Land suitability, GIS, irrigated, vegetable, parametric, land evaluation.

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