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Problems, needs and psychological state of ex-convicts: A qualitative study in a Turkish sample

Tuğba Görgülü1* and Gülsen Erden2


The rate of perpetration in Turkey and the whole world has increased more and more; therefore, the number of prisoners who are released from prison and received into prison has also been observed to go up. In parallel with this, the studies which aim at endeavors to prevent crime and repeating crime have accelerated. These studies are mostly for the needs of individuals who are released from prison and micro, mezzo and macro practices have been applied. The needs of individuals released from prison and the problems related to satisfy those needs stand out as a current question. In this study, the needs and problems of ex-convicts who are released from prison have been researched. This study devoted aim is a qualitative one which has been done in-depth interview with twelve participants, five women and seven men, who were guided to Ankara Probation Service. The interviews have been performed in the room of institution forensic psychologist and lasted between 60 and 90 minutes. Three questions were asked to the ex-convicts and the answers were analysed. In the study, it was observed that those individuals who are released from prison reported that they mostly had troubles such as unemployment, housing, social exclusion, family support and social aspects of needs. They also stated some family, economic and psychological problems in prison and after released. Under these circumstances, it has been discussed what kind of studies are required in order to prevent crimes pursuant to Turkey facts.

Key words: Prison, Female ex-convicts, Male ex-convicts, Post-releasing needs.

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