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Studentsí views on the constructivist learning environment in elementary schools: A Qualitative inquiry

Gokhan Bas


In this study, it was aimed to determine elementary studentsí qualitative views on the constructivist learning environment. Semi-structured illustrative qualitative research methodology was used. The study sample was students from elementary schools in Nigde, Turkey during the 2011-2012 academic year. The sample of the study consisted of 25 elementary school students, who were selected at random from the study population, that was, 5 students from a total of 5 different elementary schools. Two elementary schools for each socio-economic structure were selected for the study. In order to detect the sampling of the study, elementary schools in cosmos were chosen according to three-layer group sampling method according to socio-economic structure (high-middle-low) of their region. An extensive literature review had been made on the constructivist learning environment and some of the scales were examined in a semi-structured interview form regarding the constructivist learning environment. At the end of this literature examination, the semi-structured interview form of the study was prepared by the researcher. In this research, the data acquired were analysed with content analysis technique. Based on the content analysis, four themes of the constructivist learning environment were found. These themes are: (i) determination of objectives of courses, (ii) teaching-learning process, (iii) social interaction, and (iv) measurement-evaluation process.

Key words: Constructivist learning environment, new elementary curriculum, elementary schools.

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