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Journal Club: A comparison between two different styles of educational management

Saeed Shoja Shafti


Journal club’s program has crucial role in medical teaching. Purpose of the present study was to compare the impact of different controlling method of journal club on perspectives of two distinct groups of psychiatric residents. forty two psychiatric residents from two community psychiatric training centers have been asked in this regard. Conferences of journal club in the first group (n=24) were usually presented under the observation of chief residents, while the second group (n=18) was being managed mainly by a qualified member of the linked faculty. After at least one year of attending in correlated sessions of journal club, all of the aforesaid residents were asked to reply incognito to a Survey Questionnaire, including 23 queries, in the company of a series of replies, in the frame of different Coding Categories. All of the residents accomplished the questionnaires. Significant variance was palpable among these two groups of contributors regarding their response to at least twelve questions. Judgment of residents were generally and remarkably divergent as regards : ‘goals’ , ‘format’ ,’necessity of attendance’ ,’quality of participation of faculty’ , ‘educational value of core curriculum of journal club’, ‘its critical role with regard to research and appraisal of topics ‘, and finally ‘as a resource for continuous education’. Systematic management of journal club by proficient and enthusiastic faculty associate possibly will generate more useful intuition with respect to such significant scholastic program, and instructive gratification may be greater in clubs moderated by the faculty.

Key words: Residency, journal club, educational program.

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