Review Paper

Nursing education in the perspective of teaching by skills: A systematic review

Luciene Rodrigues Barbosa1,2* and Luciane Lúcio Pereira2


To know the national and international scientific publications which address the teaching of professional skills for undergraduate students of nursing. A systematic review of LILASC, BDENF, MEDLINE, and TESESENF databases, using the following keywords: professional skills, education and nursing. The following inclusion criteria were established for this review: full articles available online and free of charge, published from 2005 to October 2011, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and focused on the study object. Eleven articles were selected, which were predominantly published in Brazilian (81.8%) and nursing journals (99.9%); most of them were original (63.6%), and addressed, as their objective, the subject ‘professional skills’: in constructing the political pedagogical project (54.5%) and as a tool to be developed in the students (45.5%). We expect that the subject identified in this study may contribute to the development of critical/reflexive thinking and attitudes in nursing.

Key words: Professional skills, higher education, nursing.

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