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Plastic packages and the law in Cameroon.  A paradigm of an uncompleted battle

Fonja Julius Achu


Plastics are one of the major achievements of the twentieth century. Today, they permeate peoplesí daily lives in various ways. In fact, the African society in general and that of Cameroon in particular have become dependent on plastics. However, their impact on man and his environment is not as harmless as people were made to believe. Due to the chemical substances from which plastic packages are made (polymers), they are responsible for diseases in man. To the environment, plastics cause problems such as floods. This paper investigates the extent to which national laws regulate the importation and manufacture of plastic packages. It equally investigates the extent to which national laws regulate the effect of plastic packages on man and the environment. Lastly, it seeks to find out why the laws regulating plastic bags are not well enforced. The paper does so, through a review of records, mainly documentary and internet search. The data thus collected constitute the sources from which the law is drawn, stated and analysed in the light of the stated aim of the paper. The result sinter alia identify the legal instruments regulating plastic packages in Cameroon and in so doing, bring out their shortcomings. The results are significant as they expose gaps in the current law in relation to technological evolution and conclude with suggestions on where the law should go.

Key words: Plastic, bags, corruption, smuggling, biodegradable, packages.

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